Treating your customers like family

Treating your customers like family

Did your mother ever insist you write hand-written thank you notes for gifts?

There’s a reason she didn’t encourage you to enter all of your closest friends and relatives into Salesforce and generate a template response with quick instant personalization.

By taking the time to put a pen on paper and craft a note, you demonstrated to the recipient that they had your full attention. It showed them that you cared.

A valuable resource

Getting someone’s full attention is an increasingly rare thing these days. Everyone is busy and under the influence of an increasing number of channels of information. Part of the selling points of social media is the ability to make things more personal. We fawn over the ability for an organization to send an @reply on Twitter, or to respond individually to a blog comment. We act as if technology somehow invented the personal touch.

A technology company that gets it

A welcome card from Blue Sky Factory I found it ironically awesome that I got a handwritten note in the mail today from of all places, an email marketing company. Blue Sky Factory understands how to build a community.

By stepping outside of the obvious social channels of “mass personalization” (which they also do very well), they distinguished themselves from the crowd.

Consider the impact. Your audience is being inundated with digital “social” requests. Follow us here! Subscribe to us there! Be our friend! Like us! How can you stand out as being genuine?

Remember how your mom taught you to send personal cards to your family? This kind of personal touch will build the same bonds between you and your customers.

Social media is a great way to personalize your customer relationships, but it’s not the only way.

How else can businesses be more personal in their interactions with you as a customer?

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  • Greg Cangialosi

    Thanks for the post Neil! Glad you dig our approach :-) we have to keep it real these days, and we certainly try our best. Thanks for noticing. Welcome to the BSF family!

    - Greg

  • DJ Waldow

    Neil – Thanks so much for highlighting this on your blog. As you know, we work hard to bring each and every new client into the “Blue Sky Factory Family.” I’m thrilled that you felt the love…

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory