Architects, Carpenters and Hammer Swingers

Architects, Carpenters and Hammer Swingers

Hammers are great tools. There’s something satisfying about a nice sharp nail sinking into wood. That’s the great thing about hammers – repetitive simplicity, with great results: as long as you swing hard enough, you’ll accomplish your goal every time. Wonderfully, mindless work. Swing after swing after swing.

Until you encounter a nail that’s not so straight, a board that’s not so true, or, worst of all; something that a nail can’t fix.


Carpenters can do more than swing hammers. There’s something satisfying about wearing a belt full of tools, and knowing you can build big things according to plan. That’s the great thing about carpenters – give them a map and the necessary materials, and they’ll transform a blueprint into a palace. Wonderfully capable workers. Blueprint after blueprint after blueprint.

Until you need some extra rooms, find a flaw in the plan, or worst of all, run out of blueprints entirely.


Architects can do more than follow directions. There’s something satisfying about the confidence of solving new problems, strategically sketching and considering different ways of doing things. That’s the great thing about architects – give them a blank canvas and a goal, and they’ll take care of the rest. Wonderfully strategic work. Solution after solution after solution.

Who are you?

Being a hammer-swinger is as easy as falling in love with Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook. Hammer swingers close their eyes and swing their favourite tool at every problem. Understandably, these folks produce as many holes in walls as they do homeruns.

Being a carpenter is more difficult. When presented with a plan, you use your well worn tool belt to tackle the plans placed in front of you.

Being an architect allows you to solve new problems, define objectives and map strategies. We desperately need more architects, if we’re ever going to drown out the sounds of all the banging hammers.

Are you swinging hammers, using tools, or building maps? Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, what are you doing to hone your craft?

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