The person who does that

The person who does that

workerWhen faced with a disruptive change; something that fundamentally alters the way your business works, it generally means that it’s time to do at least a few things differently if one hopes to survive.

When considering the competencies needed to do those new things, a common response is: “But we don’t really have anyone who currently does that…


The lazy way out is to consider your lack of adequate resources as a reason why doing that new thing isn’t worthwhile.

The foolish way out is to take someone that used to be doing other things, and assign them to the new role; authority by proximity and convenience. (Assigning the new requirements on top of previous responsibilities qualifies for a high score on foolish and some bonus points for lazy.)

The enlightened way out is to re-examine the environment in which you now find yourself and ask the hard question: If we were to blow it all up and start over, based on our current reality, how would we build this company?

It takes more work than the lazy approach, and more guts than the foolish approach, but ultimately leads to more than survival, enabling a constant state of reinvention.

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